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Thank you for coming to Left of Oz!

We had an amazing 9 show run at the Ashby Stage in Berkeley, CA —the

only solar powered theatre around— in July 2010. Thank you all for coming

and making this production a joyful community happening! And thank you

for expressing your enthusiasm with standing ovations every night! You

made our dreams come true.                      

* Now taking requests from other theater companies to produce
Left of Oz, Dorothy Comes Out!  in their home towns! *

Write or call Stephanie Reif, the author, at:    

Here is a sampling of some of the reviews we received...

SF Bay Times

“An original musical by Stephanie Reif, with songs that ranged from intimate
solos to full scale production numbers, Left of Oz had the crowd cheering,
hooting, and hollering throughout.  Rarely have I seen an audience this
engaged. When Dorothy finds the girl, the audience was practically cheering
her along, and crying when things went wrong. The “oohs”, “ahhs”, and “awws”
were almost a show in itself, and sometimes that’s what a night of theater
is all about – surrounding yourself with a group of people and enjoying the

“If you want a night of fun theater with a lesbian Dorothy, head Left of Oz.”

California Beat

“ Left of Oz played to a gregarious and engaged crowd of young and old,
regulars and new attendees, gay and straight couples.”
“Left of Oz is a fun romp, full of humor and heart, flashy sets, and melodious
musical numbers. At it’s best, it’s a simple testament to the power of love
(regardless of who you share your affections with), featuring likeable characters
and catchy tunes.”

SF Examiner

“Left of Oz is clearly a labor of love writer/director Stephanie Reif, who’s
musical comedy is designed for, and pays tribute to, the Bay Area’s spirit of openness, inclusiveness, and experimentation. The show is filled with cute inside
jokes, tuneful songs, and characters familiar to the local LGBT scene,
reinvented as Dorothy’s co-horts.”
“Reif, who makes an amusing appearance as good witch Glenda Ellen, along with choreographer Douglas Caldwell and pianist-arranger Janis Dunson Wilson, has
crafted a show that does what it set out to do: reflect and entertain the
community for which it was created.”

East Bay Express

“With it’s insider jokes and fervent identity politics, Left of Oz is definitely
tailored to a niche audience. Bit it’s also a fun musical send up, packed with
enough song and dance numbers to placate the uninitiated.”
SF Bay Guardian
“Left of Oz borrows clichés associated with San Francisco (tie dye, marijuana,
yoga) and merges them with fantasy elements of Victor Flemming’s 1939 movie,
flipping the whole sparkly thing on it’s head. There may have been previous
queer readings of Oz, but Left has to be among the most playful.”

KPFA Radio Woman’s Magazine

“Left of Oz is a special kind of recasting of one of the 20th century's most
beloved movies, featuring a multi-cultural and multi-talented cast. The music
and dance will transport you to a place you want to go. Entertaining you is
exactly what “Left of Oz” does.

Audience comments

“Hysterical. I never laughed so hard.”
"I didn’t want it to end!”
“I was mesmerized”
“The show is wonderful. I’m cracking up. The dancers are wonderful. The singers are wonderful.”
“It’s the most fun I’ve ever had!”
“I just saw Wicked. I liked Left of Oz better! Love the songs!”

    photos by Kent Taylor


© Stephanie Reif 2010-2012